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About Birth and Baby School

I’m Kayleigh, and this is me and my own little tribe of people. I’ve been running antenatal and baby classes in the local area since 2017. Originally training and running classes with The Daisy Foundation to support parents through the 1001 critical days of their baby's life, and subsequently going solo following the closure of the Foundation. Over the last 5+ years I have supported hundreds of parents-to-be as they approach birth, and new parents through the early period of their baby’s life, and it genuinely never stops being a privilege. 


I love seeing confidence blossom and feel incredibly lucky that this is my job.


I feel fortunate enough to class many that have attended classes as friends, and it’s a joy getting to see their babies grow and develop across the years, and support them again as they add to their families.

If you’d like to find out more about the classes I offer, or the kind of support to expect, then just drop me a message. It would be wonderful to meet you soon.

Kayleigh x


“Kayleigh is the nicest lady you’ll ever meet and really prepared us for all things birth and baby. We never felt judged about our circumstances (we found out very late that we were pregnant) and Kayleigh supported us all the way. I would definitely recommend these classes for any parents to be!"


"Kayleigh has been a hugely positive influence on my pregnancy and parenting journey. The antenatal classes were packed full of useful information and were extremely helpful for both my husband and me, and I found the birthing classes really calming and grounding."


“I did a 6 week birthing course with Kayleigh, I am so glad I did. Having a toddler I never felt the time to connect with my baby and this pregnancy. These classes gave me the time I needed.”
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